Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Star’s NFL predictions



The Star's NFL predictions
The Star's NFL predictions


What cracks me up about these "predictions" is that everyone of them has the Saints scoring less than a TD more against the Lions than the Ravens against the Chiefs and a couple of them actually has the Ravens scoring more than the Saints.


Are the Ravens that explosive of a team? Have the Saints lost explosiveness? Have the Lions improved that much? Have the Chiefs lost that much? I am convinced more and more everyday that these "experts" are really idiots and the Star is the worst newspaper for sports coverage in the USA. Really, I do not expect the Ravens to top 20 points even if they dominate and I dont expect the Saints to have less than 30 points even if they play poorly.


Go Chiefs!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How the Chiefs can beat the Ravens

In every game the underdog has a chance to set the tone and use advantages to win. It helps if the favorites make mistakes but is not necessary. Here is the game plan for the Chiefs to win.

1. Limit opportunities for the Ravens pass rush. The Chiefs are terrible at pass blocking, the Ravens are one of the best in the AFC at rushing the passer. So, 90% of their passes in this game should be either bootleg, shotgun, or 3 step drop. Screens and draws are also plusses here. Also any deep drop should be on first down or second and 5 or less.

2. Run the football effectively. If the Chiefs run the ball 30 or more times in this game it means they are in the game. LJ and Charles need to train and take their vitamins this week. (I will leave the saying prayers to whoever is playing QB)

3. Stop the run. The Ravens always rely on a good ground game.

4. Get pressure. Flacco is HYPE. He had a good running game and a good defense behind him last year. Pressure him into mistakes.

5. Out coach the other guy. Haley needs to limit his mistakes both as OC and as HC. There is a lot of opportunities for him to blow it. But if he does the right thing, the game is winable. It is also important for Clancy to make the right calls. We are out-talented on both sides of the ball. Good coaching isnt good enough. It will take excellent coaching to win.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pollard Cut

Scotts Revenge for Brady

Josh Looney:  


CB Jackie Bates

TE Tom Crabree

DE Dion Gales

DE Bobby Greenwood

G Darryl Harris

WR Taurus Johnson

WR Ashley Lelie

DT Derek Lokey

S Bernard Pollard

S Ricky Price

LB Zach Thomas

RB Javarris Williams

WR Rodney Wright

Placed on IR...

G Colin Brown

Chiefs Outlook for 2009

Here is my optimistic outlook for this season.







Chiefs @ Ravens

Chiefs run the ball 45 times to keep QB out of hospital. Ravens win



Raiders @ Chiefs

Cassel is back Arrowhead is rocking but only because it is a double whammy-- Home Opener & Raiders week



Chiefs @ Eagles

A trip to Philly and no one can have a cheese steak on the Haley diet



Giants @ Chiefs

Lucky schedule break, Giants ready for some home cooking after 3 road games and slack off



Cowboys @ Chiefs

Good thing that the first Dallas v. Dallas game is in KC. Dustin would have had plenty of opportunities to hit the very pretty scoreboard against the Boys D in Dallas



Chiefs @ Redskins

By now the Skins have tried to trade for another QB another 5 or 6 times and the team has imploded. Hopefully we get some pass protection up the middle. Albert killed us in KC last year. Mmmm more specifically, he killed Croyle and Huard and started the Thigpen era.



Chargers @ Chiefs

Tough going back at Arrowhead, Chiefs go into the BYE with a loss.



Chiefs @ Jaguars

After the BYE the Chiefs are ready for a second half rally to the season. It starts in Florida. If only the season could end there..



Chiefs @ Raiders

I cant remember the last time the Chiefs lost in Oakland..



Steelers @ Chiefs

The Chiefs actually have fared well against defending SB Champs at Arrowhead even in bad years. Not this year



Chiefs @ Chargers

Chiefs win a close on in the sun



Broncos @ Chiefs

Chiefs always beat Denver in KC



Bills @ Chiefs

Revenge for last year? Bills hung 54 in Arrowhead. Not this time



Browns @ Chiefs

On a second half roll, the Chiefs roll the Browns



Chiefs @ Bengals

Chiefs looking to the playoffs stay hot



Chiefs @ Broncos

Oh INVECO… My nightmare… every year I wake up at the crack of dawn and get abused just to watch another heart-break. KC has never won in that stadium. God I hate that place. I only wish they had thought out the whole bathroom thing.. Lines miles long the whole game. Last Chiefs win in Denver? Well, Bill Clinton was president. Nobody outside Chicago knew who Barack Obama is. And Gunther Cunningham has been fired twice, yes That's how long it has been. Not getting my hopes up this year. Chiefs still win the west


Been A Long Time

Been caught up writing my Manifesto. Spending the beginning of the season here in hell.