Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How the Chiefs can beat the Ravens

In every game the underdog has a chance to set the tone and use advantages to win. It helps if the favorites make mistakes but is not necessary. Here is the game plan for the Chiefs to win.

1. Limit opportunities for the Ravens pass rush. The Chiefs are terrible at pass blocking, the Ravens are one of the best in the AFC at rushing the passer. So, 90% of their passes in this game should be either bootleg, shotgun, or 3 step drop. Screens and draws are also plusses here. Also any deep drop should be on first down or second and 5 or less.

2. Run the football effectively. If the Chiefs run the ball 30 or more times in this game it means they are in the game. LJ and Charles need to train and take their vitamins this week. (I will leave the saying prayers to whoever is playing QB)

3. Stop the run. The Ravens always rely on a good ground game.

4. Get pressure. Flacco is HYPE. He had a good running game and a good defense behind him last year. Pressure him into mistakes.

5. Out coach the other guy. Haley needs to limit his mistakes both as OC and as HC. There is a lot of opportunities for him to blow it. But if he does the right thing, the game is winable. It is also important for Clancy to make the right calls. We are out-talented on both sides of the ball. Good coaching isnt good enough. It will take excellent coaching to win.

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