Friday, February 27, 2009

Chiefs Offseason Wish List Updated

I have been traveling to the most god awful region of the world and downloaded some research information to know what I was rooting for in free agency and the draft a little better. I also watched quite a bit of the combine and was impressed with several of my guys. I wasn’t greatly impressed by Sanchez in the throwing drills but he showed the ability to make the throws and apparently wowed in his interviews. I guess I wouldn’t be heartbroken if the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him at #3 in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Also, I guess I was a little bit harsh on Mr. Crabtree. I saw a few interviews with him and he seems like a good kid that is receiving some really bad advice right now. He needs to get his surgery done, over with and live with not having run a 40. I was also mistaken with his height apparently, he measured up to 6’1 3/8. In a game where tenths of seconds in a 40 yard dash determine whether or not one is a deep threat, and inch and three-eighths is a huge difference. If we stay at number 3, Crabtree is the only impact player worth that selection.

Free Agency

1. Sign Ray Lewis. I am very doubtful we will get this done. It sounds like Ray will end up with the Cowboys or the Jets. I still think the Chiefs D needs a leader and this is the guy that will do it. Another option here is Vilma.

2. Jason Brown (C, Bal). Dude is big, young, and good. I had always assumed that the Ravens would keep him but it appears that he is looking for more money than they want to pay. There are reports he is going to St. Louis for a visit. The Chiefs need to bring him west and keep him in Missouri.

3. We need D line help. There isn’t a superstar out there that I feel comfortable with. Antonio Smith I guess played well enough in the playoffs to cash in but is he really the man? Peppers got the tag and wants to play in a 3-4. That doesn’t work. Haynesworth is talking about 100 million contract. The money he is looking at is far too much for a DT which is a position in which players are more likely to get injured. A low cost temporary fix like Bert Berry might be a place to look.

4. Stacy Andrews might just be the Chiefs answer at RT. He was the Cincinnati Bengals franchise player last year and blew out his knee. The Chiefs have had luck with bringing in a talented tackle coming off a knee injury. Offensive linemen don't lose anything after a knee injury.

5. We need a nickle back after releasing Pat Surtain. Drayton Florence and Dre' Bly are available and should come cheap.

The Draft

Obviously what moves are made in free agency will dictate what happens in the draft. I will keep this post fluid based on what happens.

1. I prefer to trade down from the #3 spot. With Crabtree measuring up at 6’1 3/8, I can accept him. If the Kansas City Chiefs stay at #3, Crabtree has to be the guy. I think Curry will be a fine player, but a top 5 guy should make a huge impact and I look at Curry and see another DJ. Not a bad guy to look at in the teens but I just don’t see the impact to be a top 5 guy. With Crabtree injured, it will be harder to trade out of that spot. We can trade down once and get Maclin which will add a deep threat and a returner. But being a wish list, I would trade down to the mid to late teens and select the RT of the future and my selection will be Michael Oher (T).

2. In my first round trade downs, I have acquired a second round pick to give me a pair in the round. I will use those picks to select Duke Robinson (G) and Michael Johnson (DE).

3. I also have a pair of 3rd round picks. Eric Wood (C ) based on grades should be available but other centers Luigs, Unger, or Mack would be the guy if available. The second 3rd round pick Gerald McRath (OLB).

4. With my 4th round pick I select Terrance Taylor (DT).

5. In my wish list, we are working with a spread base so with my 5th round pick, I select Graham Harrell (QB).

6. With my 6th round pick I select Tiquan Underwood (WR).

7. With my 7th round and final selection in the 2009 NFL Draft I select Brandon Walker (G)

Undrafted FA

I would bring in as many of these guys as I can. Not to speculate on certain players draft status, I would say that if Chase Daniel is still there I would bring him in and see if he can be an NFL QB in the spread.

What will these moves do for the Chiefs?

1. Solidify the Chiefs offensive line for years to come. I could see opening day lineup for ’09 from left to right as Albert, Waters, Wood, Robinson, Oher. With Walker maybe groom able to replace Waters in a few years, 4 out of the 5 starting O lineman would be under 25 and this is a crew that could stay together for a decade.

2. Unfortunately, there isn’t an impact defensive player here. Unless we get Ray Lewis, the D will still not have a leader. I think Johnson will pay dividends in 2010 on D. McRath probably will not be starter material in his rookie year and Taylor probably won’t either. In the long term, I think Taylor next to Dorsey will be a force in the middle of the D line.

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