Friday, February 27, 2009

Waters to Chiefs "I want out!"

According to Jason Whitlock, Brian Waters wants out of KC. According to the Star:

Waters asked for his release two days after a brief meeting with new head coach Todd Haley and after being told by first-time general manager Scott Pioli that he had no interest in meeting with Waters, the source said.

Notice the negitive tones used by Whitlock to introduce Pioli.

The Cardinals players told Waters and tight end Tony Gonzalez that Haley, Arizona’s offensive coordinator, was aloof, condescending and ignored by veterans, the source said. Anquan Boldin, Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald Jr. — Arizona’s offensive stars — were all members of the NFC Pro Bowl team.

True? Who knows? I seem to remember an article in the Star which said Haley was invited to Hawaii by his offensive stars.

All I know is that if Waters feels this way, than it is too bad. He shouldn't expect the General Manager to be at his beckon call. My guess is Whitlock made this up for shock value.

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