Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Chiefs Sign 3 New Players

The Chiefs Sign 3 New Players
I thought about this one long and hard. I reviewed all the evidence and despite my initial hatred of these signings, I love them. Let me break down the reasons….

Bobby Engram – Bobby is old. Not just old, but four years older than Tory Holt the best veteran WR on the market. My initial response was WTF is going on?? I listened to Coach Haley’s press conference and thought oh great, he brought in a buddy of his. I reviewed Bobby’s stats from the last couple seasons, he was hurt a nice portion of last year and had a 1000 yard season in 2007. Well maybe he can play… Than I thought about why Bobby and his Depends is still in the league. Bobby runs great routes and has great hands. I listened to Coach Haley’s press conference again and what does he mention? 3rd down catches and it hits me….The Chiefs don’t have anyone to throw to on 3rd down! I watched every game last season at least twice and most of them four or five times. Just for the record, I am not a masochist (I have watched all of the wins at least 15 times). We had one person to throw the ball to on 3rd down and he had 3 defenders on him almost every time. Bowe’s hands are not reliable enough for 3rd down. Now with two targets on 3rd down, I expect the Chiefs to be much better on 3rd down.

Monty Beisel – Monty was not brought in to be a starter, he was brought in as a reserve LB and Special Team player. He is great in that role (the reason that I was glad to see McGraw resigned). At the very least, Monty is an upgrade over Rocky Boiman.

The whole point of these two guys is they are role players. Role players play an important part in any team. Terrance Copper, I am not sure about but we need training camp fodder at a lot of positions..

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