Sunday, March 8, 2009

Offseason Wish List revisited

Surprisingly, the Chiefs did nothing at all in free agency. The Chiefs did pull one big move in trading for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel for only a 2nd round pick. While I was not incredibly impressed with Cassel given the amount of talent around him, there is a reason Pioli is the General Manager and I am not. So here is to hoping he has it right because if we can get a frachise QB for a second round pick with a locker room leader as a throw-in that is a steal. I also think with the QBs we have now, there is no reason to spend a draft pick on one. Croyle, Gray, and Martin are all there to compete for the #3 spot assuming that Cassel is #1 and Thigpen is #2. Coach Haley has told us that there will be a competition for the #1 slot but I am doubtful that the Chiefs are going to have an eight figure salary backup that was traded for a second round pick.

I can only assume that no moves toward 3-4 defensive lineman mean that as a base defense in 2009 the Chiefs will employ a 4-3 with a situational 3-4 alignment. I would find it hard to believe that the Chiefs would plan on looking for two starting lineman out of the draft. Alfonso Boone is the only player on the Chiefs payroll that can play any of the 3-4 line positions. He could play an end position in a 3-4. Dorsey would have no position what so ever in a 3-4. Hali could probably be used as an OLB but that would be quite the change and I don't know that it would be productive although I could see a situation where the Chiefs could line up Hali and Vrabel as OLBs and Johnson and Curry as ILBs. Then your defensive line looks Boone and a second or third-tier 3-4 defensive end and a second or third-tier nose tackle. I don't think that would be productive. I think in the next three to four year the Chiefs will be running a 3-4 base, but doing that this season would prove to be a disaster. Let's see if Dorsey can live up to his "baby Sapp" nickname and at the very least trade him for a first round pick next year if the 3-4 is desired that bad.

The Draft

Obviously what moves are made in free agency will dictate what happens in the draft. I will keep this post fluid based on what happens.

1. I prefer to trade down from the #3 spot. With Crabtree measuring up at 6’1 3/8, I can accept him. If the Kansas City Chiefs stay at #3, Crabtree has to be the guy. I think Curry will be a fine player, but a top 5 guy should make a huge impact and I look at Curry and see another DJ. Not a bad guy to look at in the teens but I just don’t see the impact to be a top 5 guy. With Crabtree injured, it will be harder to trade out of that spot. We can trade down once and get Maclin which will add a deep threat and a returner. But being a wish list, I would trade down to the mid to late teens and select the RT of the future and my selection will be Michael Oher (T).

2. In my first round trade downs, I have acquired a second round pick to give me a second round pick back. I will use that pick to select Duke Robinson (G). Duke is the top guard prospect and will slide into the right guard position immediately, and eventually maybe replace Waters who I can only assume the Chiefs are not trading as of yet.

3. In my trade downs, I have a pair of 3rd round picks. Eric Wood (C ) based on grades should be available but other centers Luigs, Unger, or Mack would be the guy if available. The second 3rd round pick Gerald McRath (OLB).

4. With my 4th round pick I select Terrance Taylor (DT). Taylor is big enough to play nose in situational 3-4 looks and eat blocks in a 4-3 on running downs. I would really like him next to Dorsey in a couple years. I don't think he is ready to start week one but still could play a valuable role in the defensive line rotation.

5. To improve on the a pass rush Stryker Sulak (DE). He might have a low ceiling but can be used as a situational pass rusher and in the 5th round, if you can improve a deficiency you are not doing too bad.

6. With my 6th round pick I select Johnny Knox (WR). Knox had a great combine and could be a deep threat and compete as a kick returner.

7. With my 7th round and final selection in the 2009 NFL Draft I select Brandon Walker (G)

Undrafted FA

I would bring in as many of these guys as I can. Not to speculate on certain players draft status, I would say that if Chase Daniel is still there I would bring him in and see if he can be an NFL QB in the spread.

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