Monday, March 2, 2009

Donkey Disarray

It seems the Donks just can't keep shooting themselves in the leg. Err bad use of words but apparently, Brandon Marshall was arrested last night which would be his 4th arrest in his short NFL career. This coming the day after Jay Cutler reported being hurt that the Donks tried to trade him for Matt Cassel. Cutler also called for his teammates to give the Broncos problems. So far, the events seem unrelated, but you never know. If they are related, than thank you Jay and Brandon for sticking it to the man! ESPN was the first one to report this.

Per the world wide leader:

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who's had a string of off-the-field brushes with the law, has had another.

Marshall was arrested Sunday in Atlanta and booked into the Atlanta City Jail on a disorderly conduct charge. Details of the events leading to Marshall's arrest are not known at this time. A supervisor at the jail would only tell ESPN's John Barr that Marshall was involved in a fight.

Marshall posted a $300 bond and has been released. This is the fourth arrest for Marshall since March 2006. He was suspended for three games last season for repeatedly running afoul of the law -- Marshall's suspension stemmed from seven police-related incidents with his former girlfriend, Rasheedah Wately. But he had his punishment reduced to a single game when he pledged to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that he would stay out of trouble.
I don't know where this will go but I would offer this suggestion to Goodell. A four game suspension for the bad behavior in this case and give him back the two games that was reduced from last year. A six-game suspension is just what the Dr. ordered for this knucklehead. What do you think?

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