Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If I were in Scott Pioli’s shoes…….

I would send my friend Josh a text saying the following…

Jsh, sry 2 heA bout yr ruff *t as a hed coach. As yr pal Ill DY a boon n wl nd yr hlp 2 convince my fans we md a gud deal. giv me Jayn yr 1st rnd pik +I wl giv u Matn my 3rd rnd pik. Ull av d QB u realy wtd n my fans wl tnk I stuk it 2 d Broncos. Win2. gr8 4 both sides. yr Pal, Sct

If you have trouble reading that… I don't blame you. I needed help myself.

Here is the email version


Sorry to hear about your rough start as a head coach. As your friend I will do you a favor and will need your help to convince my fans we made a good deal. Give me Jay and your first round pick and I will give you Matt and my third round pick. You will have the QB you really wanted and my fans will think I stuck it to the Broncos. Win-win. Great for both sides.

Your Pal,


Scott Pioli

General Manager

Kansas City Chiefs Football Club

1 Arrowhead Dr

Kansas City, MO 64129



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  2. Comment? You're an Idiot. How's that for a comment?

  3. LMAO... Some people just dont get the joke...