Thursday, March 12, 2009

What should the Chiefs do with all that Cap space?

According to ESPN, the Chiefs are still sitting on approximately $36 million. How can the Chiefs spend that money wisely? I believe that is an easy answer and can set the Chiefs up in good shape long term. Here is where that money should go.

1. The rookie cap should be around $9 million. That is based on the 2008 rookie cap numbers. According to ESPN, the Chiefs had $8.2 million and change to pay their 12 draft picks. That number included two top half of the first round picks. The Chiefs have the number 3 pick and nothing until the third round. What this means is that the Chiefs shouldn’t have the highest number this season but with the large cap increase, I am guessing the rookie cap with jump up a bit. $27 million left.

2. Budget $8 million for veteran free agents or trades. There can’t be that much money left to spend. $19 million left.

3. Pay DJ. Don’t let him leave next year. Use signing bonuses and roster bonuses wisely so the cap money isn’t wasted over the years. Let him count about $6.5 million for 2009. He is scheduled to make $1.5 million this year. $12.5 million left.

4. Get a long term contract for our new QB. He is already costing $14.65 million against the cap so let’s give him a $21 million dollar roster bonus set up for the day after so it all counts this season. Throw in a million dollar salary for 2009 and that leaves $5.15 million left over for cap hits for guys we cut as well as mid-season pickups. The Chiefs have locked up their best defensive player and their new franchise QB.

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