Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chiefs needs for 2009 and beyond...

The chart above shows where I feel the Chiefs are solid (Black), where an upgrade is needed (Red), where the player is older and will need replaced soon (Blue) and guys that are really in a year where they will have to prove something (Green). Click the picture to enlarge. The positions listed are ones that I feel are key positions and will be on the field quite a bit. There are 31 positions on this key position list and 7 need replaced badly.

I actually agreed with Herm Edwards when he said the Chiefs are 80% there. The Chiefs have pretty good depth, but are lacking in areas that are important. In key positions, there is still a 22.5% need for replacement. It will be an important 2009 season for those in listed in green. Not only for them but for us the fans and the team as well. The key for the draft, is getting guys to fill those red boxes. The fewer boxes available, the better the team will be. I believe the Chiefs can win the AFC West this year and once in a single elimination playoff tournment, any team can win on any given Sunday.

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