Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opportunities abound for 2009 Chiefs!

I see this schedule as a big opportunity for the Chiefs to win the AFC West. I will break it down fully in the coming months but the biggest complaint I have heard thus far is the 4 game stretch against the NFC East. I like it for a few reasons. One is that it is best to get those tough out of conference games out of the way early. The other reason is the Giants are on the end of a 3 game road march into Arrowhead. I think the Giants will be weak wanting to get back to the Big Apple. The Cowboys will be looking towards their BYE week the following week.


Another opportunity is that the Chiefs will be prepared for the AFC West opponents. Only home games against the Raiders and Chargers before the BYE week. No primetime games are bad for fans but good for coaches. The Chiefs have 13 games that are 1PM Sunday starts (A Coaches dream) and the other 3 games are 415 Sunday starts. The 10 games starting at week 7 is what really counts. All the tie break scenarios really matter when looking at that part of the season.

I cannot wait until September 13th!!!!!

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