Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Dream Scenario

All of this clearly will not happen but this would make my day. Here are the moves….


  • Trade Dorsey to Atlanta for their #1 and their DE if we go to the 3-4
  • Trade #3 overall to Redskins for #13, Jason Campbell and another pick this year or next.
  1. We now have #13 and #24

Trade Cassel to Denver for #12

  1. Now have #12 and #13 and #24

Trade #13 to Arizona for Boldin

Trade #12 down and pick up a second round pick

Draft the best Tackle available

Trade Waters for a second round pick

Use the 2 second round picks to draft OGs

  • We end up with 2 OGs, our #2 WR, a 3-4 DE, and Campbell. That would make a great first day of the draft.

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