Monday, April 6, 2009

Peter King on the Cutler trade....

I was reading Peter King's article on the trade and there were some things that blew me away.

But as the deal went down, McDaniels, who watched every offensive snap of more than 10 Bears games with Orton playing, got more and more impressed with Orton's arm, his decision-making and his ability to extend plays when the pocket broke down.

Really? Impressed with Orton? Are you kidding me?

In the end, this trade happened so quickly because, first and foremost, the owner of the Broncos felt dissed.

Oh...Did wittle billionaire get HIS feelings hurt? I have heard people talk about this like it was their job and they didnt return their bosses calls and what would happen...Well if my boss tried to call me during my time off, I would call him back if I felt like it. End of story, I am not getting paid, I am not obligated to call back. Jay didnt get the paycheck portion until July.

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