Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Not Curry at #3? Part II

Why Not Curry at #3?

I have had a lot of questioned emailed to me as to why not Curry at #3. Here is my response.

The reason I consider drafting Curry at #3 non sense is for a variety of reasons. I do think Curry will be a fine player but not a top 5 pick. I will admit I love the way he plays and have seen interviews with him and he seems like a great kid. His comments about wanting the Lions to pick him so much that he would take less money than last year's #1 are first class (and supposedly already has a deal in place in case they can't sign the QB they want). If we traded down to say 7 or 8, then I would see Curry as an option. Here is my list of what a top 5 pick should be in order:

1. Franchise QB (I don't think there is a sure fire one in this draft, I like Sanchez and Freeman but wish they had spent another year in school for seasoning).
2. Your rock at LT (We already have this)
3. Dangerous pass rusher (Think of Carl's first draft in 1989. I dont think there is one worthy in this draft. Curry may be this but hasnt proved it for whatever reason).
4. Offensive weapon (A RB or WR who is going to set a team up for big plays. Crabtree is the only guy here I feel fits that bill).

If a guy is not one of those 4 things, he is not enough value for top 5 let alone value considering what you pay top 5. I believe Crabtree is the only player in this draft that fits these roles outside of LTs which is not needed in KC. So IMO, it is Crabtree or trade down.

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