Monday, April 13, 2009

Roster moves


Of course I draw up this big chart, post it and then the Chiefs make some big moves. I will take these one by one.

Signing Goff – Great move as a stopgap at RG.

Signing Zack Thomas – Another great stopgap. Hopefully this means I can quit hearing the Aaron Curry nonsense.

Waiving Franklin – Ho-Hum… Does anyone care? I find it interesting they let him go at this point but was worthless last year.


Now those are the official moves. There are also rumors that LJ is good as gone and that the Falcons are offering a 2nd rounder for Tony G. I think either of those moves would be terrible for the Chiefs. There is not one reason to release LJ. Not one worth the time it takes to type it up. Tony G for a second rounder? That is acceptable and I am sure the King would have pulled the trigger last year. 2009 is a different season and the moves made by Pioli have screamed "I am trying to win the fricken division". Bringing in players like Goff, Vrabel, and Thomas isn't the kind of moves you make when you are playing for next year. Goff is the only one with a better than 25% chance of being on the team in 2010. With Carl at the helm, he would have signed these guys to longer contracts that would have hurt the cap for years. These deals are to guys that are stopgaps and are stopgap deals. They are not terrible deals. I am hoping that the Chiefs look at another stopgap in Thomas's sister's husband. That will allow the draft to play out however it needs to play out. There will not be a terrible hole to fill and the Chiefs can draft whatever player is on their board or trade down.

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